Annan anticipates growing cooperation between UN and Columbia University

In a tribute to University President Lee Bollinger, Mr. Annan called Colombia a “sister institution” to the UN. “There is so much we have in common – from the multicultural, interdisciplinary nature of our work to the many nationalities represented in our institutions,” the Secretary-General said.Mr. Annan also called attention to the productive “cross-fertilization” which occurs between the two institutions, pointing out that two deans of the Columbia School of International and Public Affairs have gone on to serve as senior advisers to the UN Secretary-General. “And I am delighted that Jeffrey Sachs, my Special Adviser on the Millennium Development Goals, is now the Director of the Columbia Earth Institute,” he added.Mr. Bollinger, who has long championed freedom of expression, is a “natural and powerful ally of the United Nations in its mission to promote human rights and respect for the rule of law everywhere,” said the Secretary-General. “I look forward to building even more on the partnership between the Columbia family and the UN family.” read more