The Manual Wind: Ralph Lauren Safari Chronometer Camouflage

first_img Patagonia Goes 100% Sustainable with New Line Called Shell, Yeah! Editors’ Recommendations Affordable Watch Hunting: 10 Best Timex Watches For Men 12 Best Seiko Watches for Men, From Flashy to Functional 14 Scandinavian Clothing Brands You Need to Know When a fashion house decides to become watchmakers, they truly have carte blanche.  With no obligation to uphold years of brand design standards, and the ability to design with current fashion, brands like Ralph Lauren can create any watch creation they please.  Perfect example of this is the their latest casual timepiece, The Ralph Lauren Safari Chronometer Camouflage.  This name truly embodies the design.As vintage safari as a new watch can get, this piece takes on the Ralph Lauren lifestyle well.  Black shot-blasted stainless steel encases a swiss automatic movement and camouflage dial.  Large and credible, the numbers on the camo dial are in khaki for a nice contrast while keeping the theme.  Rugged, this piece is capped off with a matching olive green alligator strap.  Not the sportiest of materials, but this watch is clearly about fashion and not function.  A single orange second hand brakes the scheme making for an appropriate accent.  This watch is meant to be large and it is at nearly 45mm in diameter.  Luckily, Ralph Lauren does not leave out any consumer and also has a 39mm version for the ladies.Ralph Lauren is not yet known for its timepieces.  They have come out with some great designs over the past two years with a helping hand from true movement manufacturers.  Now capable of offering quality and style, This latest piece shows their versatility as a watchmaker.  Match your camouflage loafers to this standout timepiece, the Ralph Lauren Safari Chronometer Camouflage, for under $7,000. The Best Casio Watches For Every Occasion last_img read more

Darfur fighting forces UN to relocate more than 40000 Sudanese refugees in

At the same time the UN World Food Programme (WFP) said that for three months it had been unable to deliver food to hundreds of thousands of people within Darfur because of insecurity. The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) voiced deep concern over heavy fighting on Saturday between the Sudanese Army and rebels within a few kilometres of the Ouré Cassoni refugee camp on the Chadian side of the border.“Although no one in or around the camp was harmed refugees and humanitarian workers were certainly alarmed by the gunfire and bombardment just across the border,” UNHCR spokesperson Jennifer Pagonis told a news briefing in Geneva.“With the deterioration of the security situation, it is now urgent that the relocation take place and we are preparing plans accordingly. We will have to put in place some emergency measures, such as moving refugees to existing camps or to temporary transit sites until a proper site is actually developed. This could take several months.” She said Chadian authorities had granted the agency permission to survey open land near the town of Biltine. “Meanwhile, UNHCR and its partners continue their normal activities in the camps with some limitations, including the necessity of travelling to the camps under armed escort,” she added. The warning was just the latest by UNHCR over the deteriorating situation threatening some 213,000 Sudanese in Chad who have fled three years of fierce fighting between the Government, allied militia and rebels. At least 200,000 people are estimated to have been killed in the conflict and a further 2 million displaced within Darfur. Just last week, the agency warned that its operations in Chad were threatened by armed groups which continue to target humanitarian workers in Chad and steal their vehicles.Today Ms. Pagonis said that while most of the 12 UNHCR-run camps in eastern Chad are at least 50 kilometres from the border, Ouré Cassoni is only 5 kilometres and Am Nabak, 18 kilometres from the frontiers. The camps respectively host 26,300 and 16,500 people. WFP spokesperson Christiane Berthiaume told the Geneva briefing that in September the agency was unable to distribute food aid to 224,000 persons; in July it could not deliver to 470,000 people and in August to 358,000. WFP is hoping for a good harvest, but the same insecurity which prevented distribution of food has also stopped farmers from being able to work in their fields and gather the harvest, she said. The agency’s target is to distribute food aid to 3 million people in Darfur every month. The Sudan operation is now its largest because it covers 6 million people throughout Africa’s largest country. read more

New problems for HSV Hamburg Blazenko Lackovic injured

Blazenko LackovicHamburgHSVHSV Hamburglackovicneuhausen ← Previous Story EHF Velux Champions League: Veszprem with an important victory against THW Kiel! Next Story → France LNH (Round 6): Paris HC invincible, beats Chambery in Savoie In the game against Neuhausen on Wednesday, one of HSV Hamburg’s best this season, Blazenko Lackovic, who got a finger on his right hand injured, and it is only tomorrow be known whether he will undergo a surgery or not, and how much time he will be absent from the court. With this new injury, and rather not convincing form of HSV, the team will have to put much more effort in the next games if they are to please their fans.