Morocco to Devote Great Importance to Cultural Development Othmani

Rabat – Saad Eddine Othmani government program for 2017-2021 announced Wednesday, the new government head unfolded his cultural agenda to support Moroccan culture by improving institutional quality and access and reconciling national heritage with the values of other cultures.“Given the importance of culture and its role in promoting the national identity and contributing to human development, the growth of Moroccan heritage and creativity, and the enhancement of the capacities of our country, the government will devote great importance to develop this area,” explained the government program.The program indicated a range of measures, including: The establishment of a national cultural strategy to strengthen communities through the provision of artistic and cultural platforms and activities.Launching a language policy to reinforce Morocco’s national languages, Arabic and Amazigh, protecting unity, ensuring diversity, and preserving dialects and Moroccan cultural expressions, while at the same time opening up to foreign languages and cultures.The provision and distribution of cultural institutions around the country in a just and supportive manner.Enriching the culture of reading among citizens and preserving national cultural heritage in its multiple dimensions.Conserving and cultivating cultural and natural heritage through the gradual launching of 511 selected sites and developing the legislative framework of historical and living cultural heritage.Gradually increasing the budget allocated to the cultural sector and laying the foundations of the national culture industry.Linking culture with religious and national values, highlighting the cultural symbols of Morocco’s past and present while opening up to universal values of other cultures. read more