Hirak in Algeria Algerian Authorities Release 10 Activists After Hours of

Rabat – Algerian authorities released ten activists after they were arrested while attempting to continue their protests condemning the police crackdown on peaceful demonstrations on Friday.France 24 reported that activists were arrested and “taken to a security center away from the center of [the Algerian capital] as they were preparing to gather at the Central Post Square,” home to Algeria’s hirak since February 22.Hakim Addad, former Secretary-General of the Algerian Youth Assembly, said that the activists “were released and waiting to be free.” On Friday,  thousands of protesters rallied to mark the eight week of protests against the Algerian government and the appointment of Abdelkader Bensalah as an interim president.Protesters called on the government to leave.Read Also: Interim President Bensalah Assures Algerians July 4 Election Will Be FreeRiot police confronted the peaceful protesters, firing tear gas and water cannons to disperse protests.Algerian security forces announced they arrested 108 protesters during Friday’s protests.Senior army chief Gaid Salah warned citizens against further protests, calling on them to stop chanting “unrealistic slogans” and to respect the constitution.The Algerian government announced July 4 as the date for the election to appoint the new president. Several magistrates, however, threatened to boycott the election.Algerian political activist Rachid Nekkaz shared a Facebook post, in which he called on Algerians to boycott the election.“Fourth of July is US Independence day; it is not part of Algeria’s history,” he said.He argued that Bensalah cannot run the country as an interim president because of he is Moroccan.“Mr. Abdelkader Bensalah] has a Moroccan nationality. He can be a minister, a governor, a director of an administration, but it is impossible for him to be a president,” referring to the country’s constitution. read more