Bizarre road rage video What is a citizens arrest and how do

first_img Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. The bizarre road rage video featuring David Attenborough’s producer attempting to put a motorist under citizen’s arrest has been all over the internet.Fergus Beeley failed to place the other man under citizen’s arrest, but he tried his hardest to, saying: “Put your hands on the car and get ready to die, this is a citizen’s arrest.”He then begins pointing at the woman and the boy, saying: “You’re under a citizen’s arrest, you’re under a citizen’s arrest, and I tell you what, you are, too.”Upset and angry, the woman calls back: “That’s my 11-year-old-son, what’s he done?”But what should he have done to put them under arrest – and what would happen if he did?What is a citizen’s arrest?A citizen’s arrest is an arrest by an individual who is not a law enforcement official.The law states:Anybody can arrest a person who is committing an indictable offence.Anybody can arrest a person if they have reasonable grounds to suspect that they are committing an indictable offence.A citizen’s arrest can be conducted in appropriate circumstances, such as the person causing damage to people or property, or trying to escape before the police can attend the scene. Use proportionate and reasonable force so you don’t get into trouble yourself.center_img An indictable offence is one which could land the perpetrator in Crown Court – so it has to be a pretty serious crime such as violent assault or burglary.When should one be made?Lawyers advise that witnesses be present when an arrest is being made.This is because often when you’re performing a citizen’s arrest, you’re dealing with someone who won’t be honest with police when they arrive.So that you’re not arrested for assault, make sure you’re doing it for the correct reason and that you have people around who will vouch for you.If you don’t have any witnesses nearby, take pictures and videos on your phone of the crime to show to police.Make sure you don’t put yourself in any danger while performing the arrest – assess whether you can detain the person on your own.Arresting someone is a job best left to the professionals whenever possible.What needs to be done to complete a citizen’s arrest?There is no specific wording to tell people they are under citizen’s arrest.The subject does need to be told what you are doing and why as soon as possible before they are detained and taken to the police.last_img read more