Man arrested following random stabbing in Hamilton

One man is in custody and another person has been taken to hospital following a stabbing near McMaster Children’s hospital Monday morning. Neighbours telling CHCH that this was a random act of violence.One woman took a video of the struggle that happened on the driveway of her student home. She says one man was stabbed in the thigh with a knife.Hamilton police say the attacker is a 20 year old unidentified man who was distraught and say that before this stabbing, the unknown man chased a woman into traffic on Main street.Witnesses say the man first tried to attack a woman, who was able to get to safety and avoid harm by going into a complete strangers car.  Police say once the woman was let into a strangers car the man tried to open the door before taking off.Hamilton police have charged the unidentified 20 year old man with 3 assault related offences and a dangerous weapons charge. The man who was stabbed was taken to hospital and is expected to survive. read more