The World’s Most Versatile Tent: Cotopaxi Inti

first_img Hang Tight with the Best Camping and Backpacking Hammocks Tent Buying Guide: How to Find the Best Tent for Your Trip How to Sleep Outdoors: Bring the Best Gear for a Good Night’s Sleep Editors’ Recommendations Picking a tent out for your summer camping adventures can be a hard (and very expensive) decision. Do you go with an ultralight backpacking tent to save on weight? While it’s a great option for serious hikers, the average car camper will be seriously cramped. Likewise, you’re probably not going to pack that fifteen pound 4-man tent into your high alpine fishing camp if you don’t absolutely have to.The compromise of weight and space is a constant fact for serious campers, until now. We got a sneak peak of Cotopaxi’s latest secret project while visiting their Salt Lake City headquarters earlier in May. The Inti tent is unlike any other backcountry shelter we’ve ever seen – expandable for extra space when you need it, lightweight and ultra packable when you don’t.Related: 6 Best Tents of 2016 | Kifari TipiThe Inti benefits from Cotopaxi’s unique design philosophy. Because they are a smaller, more nimble team, the product developers at Cotopaxi can explore ideas about apparel and camping gear that don’t fit the typical mold. Having their entire small operation based together in Salt Lake also allows them to get some serious prototype testing done after hours – they are literally minutes away from eleven thousand foot peaks and hundreds of miles of trails.Starting with a 2-man base, the Inti tent is a true backpacking powerhouse. The tent and rainfly come in under five pounds. Split up the body, poles, and fly with a partner for a little weight savings and you’ve got a bombproof shelter for a weeklong wilderness excursion. However, You can also order the Inti’s unique Alcove. It docks to the main body to add additional floor space when you need to store extra gear, smelly dogs, or a couple extra friends. It adds two and half pounds to the total weight, and can also be pitched alone as an ultralight clamshell shelter. That would be our choice for hot weather desert camping. All together, the tent-alcove system packs in nearly seventy square feet of space so you can sleep four people comfortably. By splitting it apart, you can distribute the tent through your whole group when backpacking or easily pack it in the car to bring along some extra space to spread out.The Cotopaxi Inti launched on Indiegogo today. The first production run will ship in late July. At $325 for the whole system (almost a 50% discount from expected retail price), you’ll have a lightweight 2-man tent, 4-man car camping gear house, and an ultralight shelter for long distance hauls. If you’re looking for the perfect multi-role backcountry shelter, you just found the perfect option. It’s Time to Ditch Your Sleeping Bag for a Versatile, Lightweight Camping Quilt The Best Backpacking Chairs for Your Next Adventure last_img read more

Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon Are No Longer Allowed in Mecca

By Mohamed HikalRabat – Saudi Arabia has enacted a law preventing Palestinians in Lebanon with refugee documents from obtaining a visa for hajj or umrah.Approximately 175,000 Palestinian refugees in Lebanon will be denied access to Mecca, the holiest city in Islam, the Middle East Eye reported. The Saudi foreign ministry announced the decision, which went into force on September 12. The Saudi consulate in Lebanon told travel agencies in Lebanon to stop issuing visas for Palestinian refugees with passports bearing no national citizenship number, the newspaper stated.However, according to an official in the Saudi Consulate in Beirut, Palestinian refugees wishing to participate in the hajj or umrah, which is the Islamic pilgrimage performed at any time of the year except hajj, will have to request the documents from the Palestinian Authority. They can get a visa on a Palestinian Authority passport.Conversely, officials at the Palestinian Authority embassy in Beirut stated that they have never issued and never will provide visas for Palestinians holding passports of other Arab countries. Officials said Saudi Arabia did not inform them of the decision officially, and they have no official directions in this regard.Due to Saudi Arabia’s restricting Palestinian refugees’ freedom to move and perform their religious rites, the Palestinian ambassador in Riyadh, Basem Abdullah al-Agha, is working along with the Palestinian embassy in Beirut together with the Saudi embassy in Beirut and the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs to find a solution.Palestinian refugees in Lebanon can apply for a temporary Lebanese passport. However, holders of this temporary document are not entitled to the full rights of Lebanese citizenship.The Saudi decision is expected to add salt to injury. Unlike the few Palestinians who have full Lebanese citizenship, Palestinian refugees in Lebanon will be confirmed as second class citizens with fewer rights.The move may remind Palestinians of a similar crisis when hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees in Jordan and Jerusalem were barred from entering Mecca and Medina.Since 1948, large numbers of Palestinians took refuge in Lebanon to escape the violence in their home country. read more