Xbox One price set at 499 will anyone pay that

first_imgMicrosoft has just finished up its Xbox One E3 event and announced some pretty compelling exclusive games. I say exclusive, but that doesn’t necessarily mean exclusive forever. Microsoft also included one game that’s already been released and has just been updated for the Xbox One. Does that count? According to Microsoft it certainly does.The full line-up of games announced during the event includes:Battlefield 4 (arriving first on Xbox One)Crimson DragonDead Rising 3Forza 5HaloKiller InstinctMax the Curse of BrotherhoodMetal Gear Solid V: The Phantom PainMinecraft: Xbox One EditionProject SparkQuantum BreakRyse: Son of RomeSunset OverdriveThe Witcher 3: Wild HuntTitanfallBelowWorld of TanksThat’s a pretty healthy line-up of titles, some of which will be available at launch, but no firm dates have been given for each game.Once the games announcements were over Microsoft moved on to talk about price and release windows. You can expect to see the Xbox One hit store shelves at some point in November, and a pre-order program will be in place at your favorite games retailer. As for the price, it’s going to cost $499, 499 Euros, or £429 depending on where you are in the world. (Xbox One pre-orders are available now.)The question is, will anybody be willing to pay that?You can pick up an Xbox 360 for $280 and a PS3 for $300, meaning the Xbox One carries a $200 premium. If the economy was the same as when the PS3 came out, that would probably still be grumbled about but accepted nonetheless, and lets not forget the PS3 cost $600. But money is much tighter for people right now, and that $200 price difference looks much bigger. Also consider that just gets you the console, with games likely to cost $60 each on top of that, plus the cost of the broadband connection you need in order to continue using the console.When Sony discusses the PS4 later today they may also announce a $499 price point and it will cause the same question to be asked. Is that affordable right now?You also have to consider both machines are basically specialized PCs with the major components being provided from a single source: AMD. It’s debatable whether Microsoft is making a loss per console sale, but even if they are it’s going to be very small meaning they probably could have set a cheaper launch price.So, come November will you be queuing up with $500 plus at least another $60 for a game? Or is the redesigned Xbox 360 looking like the console to have under the tree this Christmas?last_img read more