School District 60 express desire to stay with one bullying and harassment policy

first_imgThe decision to keep the LGBTQ was based on trustee input and a workshop attended by Zone Four trustee Ida Campbell.“Talking to people in there and talking to the kids and talking to the presenters they didn’t see the need for an individual policy,” she says. “There was a couple that did but I got the sense that they didn’t necessarily need to be singled out.”Zone Two trustee Heather Hannaford chimed in by saying while she agrees that there should only be one policy, the act of passing a policy does not solve the harassment issue. There needs to be efforts to make sure harassment of students is in fact stopping.- Advertisement -“I like it the way it is but I will also say when we are passing it we should make the point that this doesn’t happen as a piece of paper and all is solved,” she explains. “We’ve got work to do as a district and as a society. I think the things we talk about under working actively are a bunch of things that we need to make sure happens. I think we need to have our ears out to ensure the work is being done.”  The changes and recommendations to the policy will next be reviewed at an upcoming policy committee meeting likely to be held next week.last_img read more