Chilean Jiménez Feels “Almost Like A Ghost” In Inter and Considers Leaving

first_imgBy Dialogo March 18, 2009 Chilean soccer player Luis Jiménez says he feels “almost like a ghost” in Inter Milan, a ‎club that the player plans to leave if his coach, the Portuguese José Mourinho, continues ‎not to use him.‎ ‎”Sometimes, during training, I feel almost like a ghost. Really, I don’t understand the ‎coach’s attitude toward me. Who knows. Maybe I’m wrong. But what is certain is that in ‎training I always give my all and everybody recognizes this,” said Jimenez in an ‎interview published by the sports daily “La Gazzetta dello Sport.”‎ ‎”I don’t want to live another year like this. But I don’t want to talk about the transfer market now. ‎I don’t ever give up, I keep working hard, because I believe I can make my mark this ‎season. The title has to be for Inter, and this is my only thought now,” he added.‎ The Chilean, who has only started twice since last August, said he recently spoke with ‎Mourinho about the fact that he doesn’t play him although he has recovered from last ‎fall’s muscle injury. The player left the meeting feeling optimistic, but there has been no ‎improvement since then.‎ Jiménez explained that in January he thought about leaving Inter Milan because of the ‎lack of playing time, but argues that those responsible for the club told him that he was ‎needed for the team, so he dropped that idea.‎ ‎”I asked to leave. There are many offers; important clubs have stepped forward both in ‎Italy and abroad. I was told, however, that Inter needs me, and that they were not even ‎going to talk about it. Another thing that astounded me,” says Jiménez.‎ ‎”Since then, in fact, my situation has inexplicably deteriorated even more,” he added.‎ The player, who does not understand the decision that led Mourinho not to play him, ‎confessed that what makes him feel worst is not being useful to the team. ‎last_img

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