European Marine Board on Look Out for Two Young Ambassadors

first_imgEuropean Marine Board (EMB) is looking for two young ambassadors to promote the role and relevance of marine science and the ocean in general.The EMB Ambassador Programme will provide a challenge for the candidates to use and showcase their talent to increase general awareness about marine science and the role that EMB plays in promoting marine science.The ambassadors will be required to promote and communicate specific marine science foresight activities amongst their peers, professional network and the wider community.According to EMB, any PhD or post-doc student (maximum of four years post-PhD at the time of application) preferably from an EMB Member Organisation is welcome to apply for the position.The EMB Young Ambassador programme will kick-off in April 2019. EMB ambassadors should be able to engage with EMB for a period of 2 years.EMB ambassadors will be requested to participate in various activities, including attending and participating in one or more EMB Plenary meeting(s) and/or other external events or workshops.Ambassadors will be offered a 2-day training workshop at the EMB offices in Ostend (Belgium) to increase their knowledge on EMB activities. The training workshop will also be held in April 2019.The deadline for the application for the position of the ambassador is March 15, 2019.last_img

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