Dodgy teachers to be named and shamed 29 August 2013Dodgy teachers will be named and shamed after a parliamentary select committee prompted the Teachers Council to review suppression rules.The decision to review the rules around disciplinary tribunal meetings and how they are reported was made at a Teachers Council meeting yesterday.Director Peter Lind said there would still be some case-by-case sensitivity around keeping some decisions private.At present, the disciplinary tribunal writes a decision that is published on the Teachers Council website in an anonymous form. That would be reviewed, and also made public, Dr Lind said.A review of the Teachers Council was launched in 2010, taking into account 177 submissions, interviewing individuals and groups from the education sector, considering New Zealand and international research, and looking at similar  professional bodies in the health, legal and engineering sectors.A report was produced with 24 recommendations and four key themes: a new professional body, the regulatory framework for teachers, the disciplinary framework, and resourcing to support the council.The Teachers Council’s automatic name suppression of any school staff subject to complaints was criticised by MPs and considered to fall outside the Education Act’s intentions. As part of the review, the Education Act would also be tightened.

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