Seven more cases of COVID-19 reported in listening area

first_imgButler1 Confirmed CasesNew Cases Mitchell4 Area Total1609 Area Total11 Franklin344 Mitchell51 Hospitalized Floyd1 Winnebago11 Worth3 Cerro Gordo1 Winnebago Butler3 Deaths Cerro Gordo32-2 Winnebago121 Franklin Hancock91 Kossuth91 Butler13 Worth Kossuth16 Hancock22 Franklin2 Hancock2 Winnebago Kossuth Floyd1 Worth Wright622 Kossuth Wright2 Wright2451 Floyd171 Mitchell Floyd19 Franklin103 Worth3 Cerro Gordo1 Wright Mitchell DES MOINES — Seven more cases of COVID-19 have been identified in our listening area. In the 24-hour period ending at 11 o’clock this morning, four new cases had been reported in Franklin County, with single cases in Mitchell, Winnebago and Wright counties. The Iowa Department of Public Health has removed two cases from Cerro Gordo County’s total and reassigned them to other counties.The total number of lab-confirmed cases in our immediate listening area now sits at 404 — 245 in Wright; 34 in Franklin; 32 in Cerro Gordo; 22 in Hancock; 19 in Floyd; 16 each in Butler and Kossuth; 12 in Winnebago; five in Mitchell and three in Worth.Nine more cases were reported as fully recovered — three in Franklin; two in Wright; and single cases in Cerro Gordo, Floyd, Hancock and Kossuth — for a total of 160. 11 people in our area remain hospitalized.Looking at the state numbers in the same 24-hour period, 259 more COVID-19 cases have been reported for a total now of 22,177. 15 more people have died from coronavirus for a state total of 622. 402 more people have recovered for a total of 13,277. Area Total4047 (not including 2 Cerro Gordo cases being reassigned Cerro Gordo221 Butler16 Hancock RecoveredNew Recovered Area Total3last_img

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