first_imgBILL NEAL :10 Remembering “Giss”…Darryl Gissendanner by now you are fully aware of the passing of Darryl Gissendanner one of the area’s all time greatest athletes and one of the world’s best guys. Here’s some things you may not know. Daryl was one of Pitt’s most talented guards, “Giss” was a Tim Girgirich guy and continued his playing career with Roy Chipman. A starter on any other Big East team, Giss came off the bench as sixth man for Chipman and immediately changed the tempo of the game. His running, conditioning, jumping, shooting and ball handling skills were second to none.Gissendanner was tough, fast, quick, strong and had big heart. He would play anybody anytime, anywhere…so talented, he was one of western Pa’s very few elite athletes to have pro opportunities in three different sports. He had tryouts with the Cleveland Cavaliers, Pittsburgh Steelers and Pittsburgh Pirates. You may not know but he was the fastest man in camp and one of the last cuts by the Steelers. He also had a great opportunity with the Pirates after a quiet but successful baseball run at Pitt. He could dance All—Night—Long!!! But what will be missed the most is his kindness, good heart, willingness to help anybody and Lord knows his smile…man that smile!!!The viewing will be at 10 a.m. and the funeral at noon at the First AME Church, 177 Mitchell Ave. in Clairton and on Saturday, June 23. Donations are being accepted by Waters Funeral Home, 412-223-6745.:09 Here is the new line up for “Heaven’s Hoopers”… “The Original Dream Team.” Great basketball players don’t die…They just call time out.1st Team: Maurice Lucas—C, Kenny Durrett—F, Chuck Cooper—F, Norm Van Lier—G, Robert “Jeep” Kelly—G2nd Team: Armon Gilliam—C, Ed Fleming & Maurice Stokes—F, Jack Twyman—F, Nathan “Sonny” Lewis—G, Larry Richardson—G3rd Team: Darryl Brown—F, Archie Mc Gill—F, Larry “Juice” Walker—F, Darryl Gissendanner—G, George Harvey—GCoach: Chuck DeVenzioGeneral Manager: Karl KohlmanPlease feel free to call me if I’ve left anyone deserving off this special memorable list.:08 Speaking of Pitt, and I was. I am still shouting from the roof top for all to hear and I need you to carry the message. Retire Sam Clancy’s jersey, put him in the rafters where he deserves to be. Call Pitt, call ‘em now, do it right now!!:07 Pac-Man #1 Manny Pacquiao you lost to Bradley now shut-up. And Bob Arum you shut-up too. You ain’t fooling nobody. We know you own both fighters and you double your money on the Nov. 10th rematch…c’mon man!Pac-Man #2 Pac-Man Jones the former great West Virginia football star and pain in the butt NFL star with more talent than you deserve to have, you’re about to pay eleven million (11) dollars for a shooting that resulted from a fight you said you didn’t start. Now that’s messed up!!:06 What can I tell ya; OKC is good…the Miami Heat are good…and we are about to see who’s the best. My Lakers are dead. I still hate the Heat so I’ll hope for Oklahoma City. But right now I can’t tell you what…“Take that to the bank.”:05 C’mon “Tiger” let’s get this done…your killing me man. I am trying to keep these people off your back, but you ain’t making it easy. Win a major will ya!?!?:04 Hey I was at the Pirates Luncheon that Rebecca Nuttall told you about and I will echo that Mike Tomlin delivered. The bits and pieces you hear in sound bites on T.V. are escalated ten fold when he gives a speech. (You should know that Rebecca is my favorite Courier writer ever.):03 I promise you they won’t get Lance Armstrong on any of the doping charges brought up on him yet again, but you gotta know he’s guilty of something. You know what they say, where there is smoke…there is marijuana! C’mon Neal nobody says that. Yes somebody does! Who? I don’t know but somebody does!:02 The 37th Annual Connie Hawkins League for middle school boys teams (14 and under) starts June 25 at the Penn Hills YMCA. To enter your team call the Champions right away at 412-628-4856.:01 Whatever rock you’ve been under…Welcome Back! That’s the only way you wouldn’t know who Sandy Greene is. One of Pittsburgh’s greatest female vocalists. You can see her with her band, Friday, June 29, at 3 Lakes Golf Club in Penn Hills. Remember limited seating…The Flow Band sold out last week…first come…first seat!!Free parking—cash bar—cash kitchen—50/50—prizes and surprises!~ DOUBLE OVERTIME ~:00 Double Overtime—coming to 3 Lakes, Friday, July 6th the Five Starr / United Rays Corvette Club / Slippery Rock Reunion… “White Party”—more info to come.But, you know what to do…don’t ya!?!?!~ Game Over~last_img

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