Rüstü: “I will not forget everything that Barça did for me when I was dying of the coronavirus”

first_imgYes, they gave me great support during and after my illness. In particular, Carlos Naval and Chemi Teres conveyed the good wishes of the president and the club. At times like these, small details should not be forgotten. I will not forget everything that Barça did for me when I was dying of the coronavirus. He GAVE ME LIFE.I see you excited …I want you to know that I am always at Barcelona’s disposal. I want to express my infinite thanks to everyone, especially Mr. Bartomeu.What do you remember of your time there?It was a unique season for me and mine. I am proud to have been part of this great family. I remember that I made a good World Cup in Korea and Japan 2002 and that made my signing for them possible. It is truly unique. The day to day there is very special and it is difficult that someday it will be erased from my mind. People are fabulous and loving. I could never tell you something bad about that experience.Coincided with Xavi …Yes! I had the opportunity to play with Xavi and be his friend. As a person he is top, he also has a great solidity of soccer knowledge at the highest level. But that everyone probably already knows … It was a delight to share costumes with him because he had special details. Always loving and with a smile to cheer me up.Do you see him as a Barça coach?When he was a soccer player he did great services to the club. I think he will do great things when he comes as a coach. Someone with knowledge and ability is vital to a team as large as this. Luis Enrique is the great example that it is important to trust old players. Both are winners and role models in an industry as big as this. So is. It was a very difficult and long treatment process for me … There is a cure for this virus that our Ministry of Health has implemented. Doctors applied this method extensively for 10 days and put a lot of effort into it.What has been the most special that you have experienced in this process?Of course, the support of my loved ones in this process was fantastic. It all came together and we knew how to win this battle. In the end it was a scare and I am very happy.Did Barcelona worry about its status? Rüştü Reçber (Turkey, 1973) is one of the great historical figures of Turkey. In fact, he is one of the few players who has played for both Beşiktas and Fenerbahçe. But his greatest achievement was signing for Frank Rijkaard’s Barcelona in 2003, where he coincided with Xavi, Ronaldinho, Saviola … Although he only played seven games, he has always publicly boasted of having defended the Barcelona jersey. The Barcelona exporter in the 2003-04 season attends AS after defeating COVID-19. Now, he is at home with his family waiting to be quarantined and he does not forget his ex-partner Xavi: “When he is a Barça coach he will do great things.”You have won the most important game of your life …last_img

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