Is this the protection rape victims get?

first_imgDear Editor,The recent report of the alleged sexual advantage (rape) committed on the helpless thirteen-year-old who was left in the care of a senior who was supposed to protect and serve but chose to serve in a different way by the media houses has me wondering what their true intentions are.Kudos to the young girl for confiding immediately in her mother when she returned; good sense prevails and the appropriate actions are being taken.What is sickening to me is reading that the Prosecutor, whom I’m assuming is also a police, chose not to object to bail being granted to the rapist who is also a member of the Force.There are numerous cases that are not as serious as that and the prosecutors would find all sorts of reasons for denying bail, and in some cases, should they agree to bail they would ask that the Passport be submitted or the person report to the station every week.Lo and behold, there wasn’t such a request. Incidentally, the better judgment of the Magistrate prevails.Good job, Your Honor. I have raised my concerns about the actions of Police Prosecutors’ actions in various court matters by way of Letter to the Editor a while back, but no one sees it fit to address that.Editor, my main concern is about the way the story was carried in the media. They spared no expense to post the image of the alleged rapist and the address where the horrible act was committed. It’s my humble opinion that secrecy should have been exercised to protect the innocent child. No doubt that residents in the area would easily identify the victim and mixed reactions would be meted out to her.Is that sensible reporting? It’s my understanding that media houses undergo training/seminars or are aware of ways to protect such victims, not pointing them out to the public technically. It just shows that no one is to be trusted, and with so many suicides occurring, I would only hope we don’t have any more arising from this carelessness. I guess the media is under the impression that their action is proper protection for rape victims!Sincerely,Sahadeo Bateslast_img

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