Ministry to have emergency meeting with “Draga” owner

first_imgSunken dredge in Mazaruni RiverThe Maritime Administration Department (MARAD) will convene an emergency meeting on Monday with the mining operator to have the sunken dredge “Draga” removed from the Mazaruni River.The sunken dredge in the Mazaruni RiverThe Natural Resources Ministry has released a statement in the wake of concerns raised by residents of the area that the sunken dredge can lead to grave harm for those traversing the river.The Ministry said it has confirmed that between the responsible mining operator and MARAD, there will be an intensified effort to remove the dredge from its location in the Mazaruni River.“The Ministry of Natural Resources can confirm that the Ministry is mindful of the many complaints from the public and is committed to ensuring that this issue is addressed as soon as possible,” the statement read.The dredge, which is owned by Crown Mining Supplies at Piremap Falls, sank some two months ago, causing the water levels to rise.However, the Ministry noted that while there has been some degree of restriction in the river due to the salvage cables attached to the wreck, it was reported that some cargo and passenger boats have been able to pass the area without hindrance, using a back channel.The water level has caused some difficulty in the salvaging efforts, the statement added.An emergency meeting will be convened on Monday between an advisory board of MARAD and the operator responsible for the sunken dredge, to discuss emergency modalities for its removal.Villagers in the area have registered their concerns that the situation is a “disaster waiting to happen”, as the water may recede at any time and force boat operators to take even more chances. They argued that the company was doing nothing to remedy the problem. “There has been no apology, no information, no relief, nothing,” one resident complained.last_img

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