Sondre Norheim’s late goal the only spark in Syracuse’s 1-1 draw with Colgate

first_img Published on September 24, 2018 at 11:16 pm Contact Eric: | @esblack34 Facebook Twitter Google+ Hugo Delhommelle dribbled the ball to the left of the goal just outside the penalty box as he scanned for options. The senior, who’d already assisted on Syracuse’s lone goal of the game, spotted Ryan Raposo streaking down the field on the other side of the box undetected by the Colgate defenders. Delhommelle’s service was perfect, finding Raposo’s right foot as the freshman midfielder wound up for the potential game-winning shot.He’d gotten too much underneath the ball, though, sending it just above the crossbar of the goal. The ball flew into the netting behind the goal and fell to the ground innocently. Raposo landed just inside the penalty box and fell to the ground in despair.For the second straight game, the Orange (3-3-1, 0-2-0 Atlantic Coast) failed to find a spark on offense and missed out on numerous opportunities despite outshooting its opponent. SU tried different formations and rotations and even introduced new players to the lineup, but all of its attempts to get something going offensively failed. It took a goal in the 77th minute by a defender, Sondre Norheim, for Syracuse to salvage a draw against the Raiders (4-1-4, 0-0-1 Patriot).“We need to be able to score goals anytime,” Delhommelle said. “That’s what we’re missing right now…Because we have the opportunities, every single game we out-shoot teams. That means something.”As opposed to Friday’s loss against Virginia in which the Orange played the Cavaliers even in the first half and dominated in the second, Syracuse had control throughout the game on Monday. A 5-3 lead in shots after halftime increased to a 13-9 advantage by the end of the game, but aside from Norheim’s goal, SU came up empty time after time.AdvertisementThis is placeholder textSyracuse head coach Ian McIntyre suggested that the Orange wasn’t at 100 percent after Friday’s game, leading him to make changes to his rotations.“These are tough games to turn around,” McIntyre said about Monday games following Friday contests. “We weren’t firing on all cylinders. We got some tired legs.”Fifteen minutes into the game, Djimon Johnson moved to the backline to add a fourth defender to the lineup on the field. Fifteen minutes later, three substitutions were made, one of which was Julio Fulcar, who made his college debut.Fulcar failed to record a stat but provided the Orange with fresh legs, something that was just as meaningful on Monday.“Getting fresh feet on the pitch is always a good way to bring energy to the game,” Norheim said. “(We) needed energy in our attacks.”Syracuse’s fatigue from the weekend meant Norheim’s goal to tie was that much more important after falling behind early like the Orange has been prone to do this season. Considering the fact that the sophomore is a defender and normally not an attacking player, the goal is only magnified.It came off a set piece on the left half of the field and another accurate free kick set-up by Delhommelle. Norheim set up near the far post just outside the six-yard box and barely had to move, heading the ball just enough to change its direction into the back of the net.It was the pinnacle of what McIntyre believed was an ‘outstanding’ day for Norheim, who played all 110 minutes.“Being next to him, seeing him flying forward,” Delhommelle explained, “I said, ‘Okay, go ahead Sondre. Go have fun. I’ve got your back.’”Norheim’s play was certainly the main takeaway from the contest and may very well be expected moving forward as he transitions into more of an attacking role. But it’s likely one of the only positives the Orange can take from Monday’s game.After ‘outplaying’ its opponent but failing to capture the win for the second-straight game, Syracuse is still looking to find consistency as the season reaches its midpoint. Positives looking back at the past couple games are scarce, but the Orange is optimistic looking forward.“We just need this click during the season,” Delhommelle said. “I thought today would have been the day. We’re still looking for it, but it’s gonna come.” Commentslast_img read more

Marvel and Square Enixs Fake Avengers Game Creeps Us Out at E3

first_img Play These E3 2019 Video Games Right NowThe 10 Biggest Games of E3 2019 Stay on target Considering Iron Man is one of my favorite parts of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (to the point where I believe he was absolutely right about pretty much everything) I’ve been a bit bummed out about his death in Avengers: Endgame. However, after seeing the bootleg Iron Man in the new Avengers video game, I’m taking a page from Pet Sematary and realizing that sometimes dead is better.Initially teased years ago, at E3 2019 Square Enix finally pulled the curtain back on its AAA Avengers game developed by Crystal Dynamics. We’ll have to wait until folks get to play it on the show floor to learn what the actual gameplay is like, but it sounds like the cinematic action-adventure the Tomb Raider folks are known for mixed with a persistent online co-op multiplayer element reminiscent of games like Destiny or Anthem albeit with free updates. But with gameplay kept so vague, all we could really pay attention to are the visuals, and they are… mixed.Avengers is clearly a game with high amounts of production value. On a technical level, the quality of the graphics is definitely what you’d expect from a game with Marvel money to spend. The action is intense, the set pieces are expansive, and the characters look photo-realistic.But that last part is actually part of the problem. Here in the real world, photo-realistic Black Widow and Captain America aren’t just “sexy spy lady with red hair” and “blonde hunk.” They are very specifically Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans. But in case it wasn’t obvious, this game did not get the likeness rights for its MCU counterparts.Combine that with costumes that aren’t quite the same and the whole trailer has this uncanny vibe. It’s just slightly off, and that’s creepier than looking completely wrong. People roasting the trailer on Twitter compared it to an SNL sketch or community theater or a porn parody. It didn’t help that the game made a big deal out of casting actors who are talented but some of the most overexposed voices in video games. Finally Troy Baker and Nolan North!And this all could’ve been avoided if the game didn’t choose an art style slavishly trying to imitate movie reality. Even the bland #brand name Marvel’s Avengers feels like a missed opportunity. This Avengers game isn’t coming until May 15, 2020 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia. But next month Nintendo Switch owners can enjoy a comic book co-op crossover with an even larger roster of characters in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. And while that game’s graphics aren’t as technically advanced as Avengers, its colorful stylized aesthetic is arguably more appealing and more accurate to the source material.The tension between boring AAA video game gritty graphic realism and fanciful comic book fantasy visuals has actually been brewing for a while now. While the Batman Arkham games take some cues from the surreal neon nightmare of the Burton movies, by the time we got to Arkham Knight it was a bit jarring seeing over-the-top Batman villains rendered as joylessly as possible even if the hair tech was really good.The same goes for the ultra-realistic humans in Sony’s Spider-Man PS4 game from last year. It just looks like a fake movie. I get that’s been a goal of games for a long time, but we got there. Let’s move on to something even better. It’s no wonder the best looking part of the game was the cel-shaded suit adding some awesome crazy contrast to the shiny but standard video game New York. Video games, like comic books, have the power to show us anything we can imagine. Why limit them to the real world?Based on the track of other games using the service model Avengers appears to be going for, the game may be facing an uphill climb already. You’d think people’s familiarity with the characters would give the game the boost it needs, but inadvertently betraying that familiarity may be the game’s ultimate downfall. At least the Hulk looks okay.For more on E3 2019 watch these trailers.last_img read more