​Olympic Day celebrations end in Vabukori

first_imgSome former Olympic athletes also accompanied the team to present inspirational talks. Among the group was a former sprinter representing PNG in the Athens Olympics in 2004 and again in Beijing in 2008, Mae Koime.Based on the key objectives of the Olympic Day celebration this year, the Committee centred their event associating with primary and secondary school students.Meanwhile, with the 2016 Trukai Fun Run set for this Sunday, the committee concludes the celebrations today at Vabukori village in the National Capital District with another fun-filled day.The Olympic Day is marked on June 23, which was yesterday. However, the celebration was planned to coincide with the Trukai Fun Run.The NOC thanks the students and schools participation in the week-long event and hopes to extend the celebration of the event to other provinces as well in the coming years. During the week-long celebration, which started on Monday, the National Olympic Committee (NOC) team visited some schools in the city, giving talks and educating them about sport and the Olympics.last_img read more

Carr wants camps in buildup to 2016 World Juniors

first_imgAFTER mixed results from two junior teams at international meets over the past month, head coach of the Pan Am team that earned 13 medals, Michael Carr, thinks good planning for next year’s 16th World Junior Championships in Kazan, Russia, is needed if the country’s young athletes are to excel.The country’s juniors recently participated at the World Youth (Under-18) and Junior Pan Am (Under-20) Championships.”It is no doubt that Jamaica has a lot of talented young athletes, and there are several things we need to do right if we hope to be competitive next year at World Juniors,” Carr told The Gleaner on their return to the island yesterday from Canada.”We need to identify our top athletes after Boys and Girls’ Championships and the Penn Relays and have weekend camps. This does not necessarily have to be in Kingston alone, as there can be county camps,” said Carr.”We have a lot of elite coaches in the country, and the JAAA (Jamaica Athletics Administrative Association) can invite some of these coaches to work alongside the young athletes, as there are several technical flaws among these athletes, and working with these elite coaches, they can be fixed,” he observed.Carr also thinks that high-school coaches need to prioritise.”Some of our coaches in high schools also need to prioritise, as they should decide what is important to these athletes, Boys and Girls’ Championships or being national representatives, and some of them need to let go,” he said.PRIVATE SECTORCarr also called on the private sector to get involved.”Leading up to Champs every year, there are several business companies which helps insponsorship, but they should not stop after Boys and Girls’ Championships, they should pick up the baton after these Championships and continue for the next level, and they need to link up with the JAAA to do so,” said Carr.”I am a bit disappointed that some of these companies only come on stream when these athletes do well, but they need to help before because it is not only physical preparation that is important, as nutrition also plays a very significant role in the preparation of these athletes,” said Carr.Jaheel Hyde, Christopher Taylor, Jhevaughn Matherson, Martin Manley, Raheem Chambers, Nathaniel Bann, Akeem Bloomfield, and Obrien Wasome are some of the outstanding local talents that will be available for next year’s World Junior Championships.Last year, in Eugene, Oregon, Jamaica finished in 11th position overall after winning one gold, two silver and one bronze. Hyde was the gold medallist in the boys’ 400 metres hurdles.last_img read more

Is this the protection rape victims get?

first_imgDear Editor,The recent report of the alleged sexual advantage (rape) committed on the helpless thirteen-year-old who was left in the care of a senior who was supposed to protect and serve but chose to serve in a different way by the media houses has me wondering what their true intentions are.Kudos to the young girl for confiding immediately in her mother when she returned; good sense prevails and the appropriate actions are being taken.What is sickening to me is reading that the Prosecutor, whom I’m assuming is also a police, chose not to object to bail being granted to the rapist who is also a member of the Force.There are numerous cases that are not as serious as that and the prosecutors would find all sorts of reasons for denying bail, and in some cases, should they agree to bail they would ask that the Passport be submitted or the person report to the station every week.Lo and behold, there wasn’t such a request. Incidentally, the better judgment of the Magistrate prevails.Good job, Your Honor. I have raised my concerns about the actions of Police Prosecutors’ actions in various court matters by way of Letter to the Editor a while back, but no one sees it fit to address that.Editor, my main concern is about the way the story was carried in the media. They spared no expense to post the image of the alleged rapist and the address where the horrible act was committed. It’s my humble opinion that secrecy should have been exercised to protect the innocent child. No doubt that residents in the area would easily identify the victim and mixed reactions would be meted out to her.Is that sensible reporting? It’s my understanding that media houses undergo training/seminars or are aware of ways to protect such victims, not pointing them out to the public technically. It just shows that no one is to be trusted, and with so many suicides occurring, I would only hope we don’t have any more arising from this carelessness. I guess the media is under the impression that their action is proper protection for rape victims!Sincerely,Sahadeo Bateslast_img read more

11 ‘Marginalized’ Lawmkers Fight Back

first_imgFollowing the removal of the leadership and members of the House’s Ways, Means, Finance and Development Planning Committee, who are considered Pro-Tyler Lawmakers, former chairman Rep. Moses Kollie said their rights were violated and is demanding immediate reinstatement.The Lofa County District # 5 Representative and ten others lodged a complaint for ‘declaratory judgment’ against Deputy Speaker Hans Barchue, Acting Presiding Officer of the House of Representatives. The eleven, claiming marginalization because they were ejected as members of the House’s Finance Committee, believe their rights were violated in accordance with the House’s rules and procedures. A declaratory judgment determines whether or not someone has a legal right to action.Declaratory Judgment According to the Writ of Summons of the Declaratory Judgment, Deputy Speaker Barchue and others are commanded to appear before the Sixth Judicial Circuit, which is the Civil Law Court for Montserrado, before Judge Yussif Kaba on Monday September 19. Rep. Kollie and others argued that under Chapter 43.1 of the Civil Procedure Law, “Courts of record within their respective jurisdictions shall have power to declare rights, status, and other legal relations whether or not further relief is or could be claimed. “No action or objection or proceeding shall be objected on ground that a declaratory judgment is prayed for, and such declaration shall have the force and effect of final judgment.” The petitioners (Rep. Kollie and others) claimed that under Article 38 as found on page 26 of the Liberian Constitution, each House shall establish its own committees and subcommittees. Rep. Kollie, in his petition, argued that the Committee on Ways, Means, Finance and Development Planning is among the Statutory Committees under the House’s Rule 56, which is headed by the petitioner. “Under Rule 54 of the House’s Rules, all committees’ chairpersons and memberships shall serve for three years, but only the chairpersons and co-chairpersons are subjects to removal by 2/3 majority vote of the membership of the House for a cause,” the petition said. “Because petitioners contend… that the respondent herein, in violation of Rule 54 of the House, the respondent are replacing members of the statutory committee members, whereas petitioners served for only one year and six months.” It added: “And also because petitioners submit… that Rule 53 of the House states that Ways, Means and Finance and Peace and National Reconciliation shall consist of one member from each of the fifteen counties, and shall serve for three years, but the Respondents disregarded Rule 53 and began appointing its own supporters, disregarding other Counties in gross violation of Rule 53 of the House.”New CommitteeOn Thursday, September 1, a new Ways, Means, Finance and Development Planning Committee was appointed by Deputy Speaker Barchue in the wake of the in-house wrangling, and sacked and replaced eleven of the 15-members on the House Finance Committee.The chairman is Rep. Prince Moye (Bong County District # 2), vice chairman Rep. Jeremiah Koung (Nimba County), and members Rep. Julius Berrian (Montserrado County); Rep. Julia Wiah (Lofa County); Rep. Haja Siryon (Bomi County); Rep. Gabriel Smith (Grand Bassa County); Rep. Jefferson Kanmoh (Sinoe County) and Rep. Isaac Roland (Maryland County). The rest are Rep. Aaron Vincent (Grand Cape Mount County); Rep. Morais Waylee (Grand Gedeh County); Rep. Opee Roland Cooper (Margibi County); Rep. Numennie Bartekwa (Grand Kru County); Rep. Johnson Chea (River Gee County); Rep. Alfred Koiwood (Gbapolu County) and Rep. Byron Zeahway (Rivercess County). The selection of the committee was made in the Joint Chambers, predicated upon a motion from Montserrado County Rep. Edwin M. Snowe on Thursday, August 25, mandating the Rep. Kollie’s Ways, Means, Finance and Development Planning (in the main chambers) Committee to resume budget hearing on Monday, August 29.However, the Committee failed to resume the budget hearing, which according to sources was due to the intensive division among lawmakers, and of the parallel sessions, which have also spilled over to the Senate.Budget Hearing ResumesNonetheless, Chairman Kollie resumed hearing on the Expenditure Component of the 2016/17 Draft National Budget, which is expected to end on Friday, September 16, while sources said the budget may be endorsed on either the 20th or 22nd of September.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Alfalit Liberia Shares Independence Gifts to WIPNET Chapters

first_imgWIPNET Gbarnga Women Celebrate receiving Alflait Independence Day GiftAs part of Alfalit’s International Liberia’s activities in observance of the country’s 171st Independence Anniversary, the organization has donated 25Kg bags of rice and assorted food items to over 800 women, who are from the  Women in Peace Building Network (WIPNET) residing in five of the 15 counties.Many of the women, who benefited from Alfalit’s gesture, were in the age range of 50 and living in “extreme poverty.”On the distribution list, women from Montserrado County received 313 bags of rice; Bomi County, 100 bags; Grand Bassa County, 50 bags; Bong County, 294 bags; and Margibi County, 40 bags. Other items donated included gallons of vegetable oil, onions and beans.This year’s donation, which is the largest of Alfalit’s goodwill gesture, is carried out twice a year — during the festive season of July 26, Liberia’s Independence Day, and in December during the Christmas season.Reverend Emmanuel Giddings, Alfalit-Liberia Country Director, said that the donation is meant to help the women, especially those residing in poverty stricken communities, to sustain their families during the Independence Day celebrations.“Festive days are times for all people to be happy and not time for one to sit and worry about what to eat or wear. So this donation can help.  Our work is not to distribute food to people, but to teach them to read and write, but we are doing this to make you happy this July 26.  The donation to WIPNET is part of Alfalit’s corporate social responsibility and continuous support to WIPNET as well as to poor and underprivileged women.“Although the country is now peaceful and people are moving on with their lives, Alfalit International Liberia still appreciates the role of the WIPNET Women in helping to restore peace to Liberia during the civil war, and we feel by doing this is just to show them that we have not forgotten them,” Marie Morris, Alfalit Field Monitor, said at the start of the donation in Kakata, Margibi County, and Gbarnga, Bong County.Receiving the donation in Gbarnga, Bong County, WIPNET County Coordinator, Cerue Lyeah, thanked Alfalit International for the donation and described the gesture as timely and life-saving.“I want to be so grateful to Alfalit International for this timely donation which will indeed sustain their homes for a month. You’ve just saved us during this difficult economic time. We will never forget what Alfalit has done for our women today,” Madam Lyeah added.She further appreciated Alfalit International for teaching the women to read and write over the years, something she said has brought great changes in the lives of the women under the peace hut.“Because of Alfalit, most of the women can now read, write and sign their own names; they are no longer using their thumbs to sign,” the Gbarnga WIPNET coordinator said.In all the counties, towns and places visited, jubilation by the women marked the distribution, with the recipients describing the donation as timely and a great relief to them during this Independence Day celebration week.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

‘Natural Resources Must Benefit All’

first_imgMr. Kwenah (immediate left in the African gown) with other stakeholders at the ceremony,-Says new NCL team leader at induction ceremonyThe newly inducted management team leader of the Non-governmental organization (NGO) Coalition of Liberia (NCL) has declared that every Liberian is entitled to resources that God has endowed the country with, and all must therefore benefit from the way the resources are being used.Samuel K. D. Kwenah said stakeholders in the resource sector, specifically the government and concessionaires must ensure that local communities, who are the custodians of these resources, adequately benefit from proceeds of resources that are extracted from their area.Kwenah spoke at the induction ceremony of NCL’s newly elected management team. The ceremony was held on Thursday, August 23, 2018, in Monrovia.Those inducted along with him were Dominic Johns, deputy team leader, Amos Kanneh, secretary, and Judeh F. Blamoh, finance officer.According to Mr. Kwenah, Liberia has a lot of natural resources which, if managed with efficiency and transparency, would transform  the lives of Liberians. “This is possible, but we just have to do our best for all of the people, especially the vulnerable masses, to benefit,” he said.He said that the formation of NCL was as a result of a survey which showed that the perennial conflicts in the country, including the civil war that erupted over the years, are as a result of disenchantment over poor management of natural resources.Kwennah is also  program manager for the Extractive Industry and Human Rights program of Save My Future Foundation (SAMFU), a member NGO to the NCL—a conglomeration of local NGOs involved in natural resources advocacy.The coalition, since its establishment 15 years ago, has been managed by an interim team until this year when the members elected a permanent management team.It was founded in the wake of the Accra Comprehensive Peace Accord (CPA) in 2003 by three local NGOs. One of its founding members is the Green Advocates International, headed by Cllr. Alfred Brownell.“While stakeholders at the CPA were all about sharing power and the country’s wealth, NCL was about protecting our natural resources,” Mr. Kwenah said.“Today marks a major milestone in the history of the NCL since its formation because we are consolidating the vision of our founders. We must all endeavor to ensure the proper management of our resources for all Liberians,” he said.Kwenah recalled that Liberia has about half of the entire rain forest remaining in West Africa as 45 percent of the country’s 4.3 million hectares is covered by forest underscoring that with a relatively small population, and rich natural resources, proper management can provide income and opportunities for future generations.According to him, NCL has elevated its strategic plan dialogue on accounts of transparency, accountability and competence as a new management assumes office soon.It can be recalled that a few months ago, the NCL held a five-day retreat at its resource center in Dwazohn, Margibi County, where a five-year strategic plan was developed to re-engage collaborating actors, a process that is aimed at enhancing the proper use of natural resources.The retreat focused not only on conflict resolution in the management of natural resources, but also on strengthening a peaceful coexistence among member NGOs within the coalition.Abraham Guillen, then  representative from the EU delegation who served as the installing officer, said it will be a huge benefit to the country if it is to manage its resources well.“Liberia is a very rich country, and every Liberian can benefit if the right things are done,” Mr. Guillen said. He was also the Team Leader of Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) Support Unit.Guillen then urged the team to ensure unity among its members. “You need not to just work as a team but to differentiate the mandates of each member and the coalition. You can achieve a lot more for your country when you work hard,” he said.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Jagdeo denies making derogatory remarks about Amerindians

first_img…says “desperate politicians” making false claimsOpposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo on Saturday denied making any derogatory remark about Guyana’s first people after a clip from his last press conference began making the rounds on social media in order to give that impression.In a statement to the media, Jagdeo said it was brought to his attention that the Government and its cohorts have been circulating a clip from his last press conference with the claim that he had made derogatory remarks about “our Amerindian people”.“The audio of two words – everybody (cut short by me) and people taken out of context is being used to substantiate this false claim,” the statement said. When the recording is played at a slightly faster pace, it gives the impression that something derogatory is being said.But Jagdeo also said, “The truth is in the context of my criticism of the AFC for its lack of credibility and betrayal of Guyanese and the consequent loss of political support for that party. I said, “It is an avalanche, it’s not trickles, it’s a deluge — everybody (cut short), people who believed that they stood for something that was different have now seen the true nature of the AFC.” The discussion had absolutely nothing to do with Amerindians”.Jagdeo reminded that the statement he made was done in the presence of the entire media corps, including all the newspapers, and not a single person there thought he had made a derogatory statement.He went further by stating that there was an extensive question and answer session and the matter never came up. The only remark he made about Amerindians at that press conference was done at the commencement of the media engagement.He urged people to look at the entire press conference, particularly the beginning, where he spoke extensively about the struggles of Indigenous Peoples.“Only warped minds or desperate politicians (and there are many around now) would think that after a lifetime of struggling for greater respect, rights and development for our Amerindian brothers and sisters, I would resort to the use of a word that I find personally reprehensible,” the statement said.He said he would address this issue further at his upcoming press conference.last_img read more

MLA Pat Pimm on the BC Budget

first_imgLocal MLA Pat Pimm says he is pleased with the provincial budget.Federal Finance Minister announced today that the province will run a 2.8 billion dollar deficit. This will be the largest deficit in B.C’s history. The government estimated in February that the deficit would be 495 million dollars.But, Pimm says there are many contributing factors that caused the added shortfall. [asset|aid=1816|format=mp3player|formatter=asset_bonus|title=cda44e9532ac636d3d2e7965f98a332a-Pimm 1_1_Pub.mp3]- Advertisement -He says the core services of health and education were spared from cuts. In fact, he says health funding will be raised 18 per cent by the 2011-2012 budget.Now, Pimm says there was some good news for this region. The government announced it will provide an HST rebate on residential energy costs, which will match the current exemptions on the PST. [asset|aid=1817|format=mp3player|formatter=asset_bonus|title=cda44e9532ac636d3d2e7965f98a332a-Pimm 2_1_Pub.mp3]Pimm says even though the deficit will go up in the next four years, it’s because of the good policies that are in place to maintain the province’s vital services.Advertisementlast_img read more

Ebert back on festival beat

first_img“The doctors now plan an approach that does not involve the risk of unplanned bleeding. If all goes well, my speech will be restored,” he wrote. Ebert will watch the ninth annual Overlooked Film Festival, which begins Wednesday night at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, from the audience. “I will be wearing a gauze bandage around my neck, and my mouth will be seen to droop.” “I was told photos of me in this condition would attract the gossip papers,” he wrote. “So what?” – Associated Press Spice baby gets Murphy’s name Roger Ebert plans to attend his annual festival for overlooked movies this week, returning to public view for the first time since having cancer surgery. The 64-year-old film critic had surgery June 16 to remove a cancerous growth on his salivary gland. He also had emergency surgery July 1 after a blood vessel burst near the site of the operation. In a column in Tuesday’s Chicago Sun-Times, Ebert wrote that what happened was that cancer of the salivary gland had spread to his right lower jaw. A segment of the mandible was removed, and two operations to replace that segment were both unsuccessful, “leading to unanticipated bleeding.” A tracheotomy, which opens an airway through an incision in the windpipe, was done, meaning Ebert cannot speak. Melanie Brown has given her baby daughter the surname of ex-boyfriend Eddie Murphy, the former Spice Girl said in a statement Tuesday. Brown, 31, gave birth to Angel Iris Murphy Brown on April 3 in Santa Monica. She listed Murphy’s name on the birth certificate. She said the name was inspired by a number of things. “Angel, as she was my little angel through my pregnancy. Iris, as it’s my grandma’s name, Murphy because he’s the dad, and Brown, because I’m the Mum!” the statement said. Murphy, 46, has said he’s not sure he’s the father. – Associated Press 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more

School District 60 express desire to stay with one bullying and harassment policy

first_imgThe decision to keep the LGBTQ was based on trustee input and a workshop attended by Zone Four trustee Ida Campbell.“Talking to people in there and talking to the kids and talking to the presenters they didn’t see the need for an individual policy,” she says. “There was a couple that did but I got the sense that they didn’t necessarily need to be singled out.”Zone Two trustee Heather Hannaford chimed in by saying while she agrees that there should only be one policy, the act of passing a policy does not solve the harassment issue. There needs to be efforts to make sure harassment of students is in fact stopping.- Advertisement -“I like it the way it is but I will also say when we are passing it we should make the point that this doesn’t happen as a piece of paper and all is solved,” she explains. “We’ve got work to do as a district and as a society. I think the things we talk about under working actively are a bunch of things that we need to make sure happens. I think we need to have our ears out to ensure the work is being done.”  The changes and recommendations to the policy will next be reviewed at an upcoming policy committee meeting likely to be held next week.last_img read more